Watching a video with excerpts from the Chomsly-Foucault debate via These shorts segments give a good quick look on the diverging view of Chomsky and Foucault and their views on power and human nature.

With the Vietnam War near its height, Chomsky and Foucault agree that contemporary power structures need to be attacked and dismantled. However, while Chomsky advocates for a system of ‘anarcho-syndicalism’ rooted in justice, sympathy and human creativity, Foucault argues that these concepts are products of the same bourgeois system that needs replacing. Probing age-old philosophical questions as well as the politics of the moment, the interview offers a revealing glimpse of the divergent styles, attitudes and outlooks of two enduringly influential thinkers.

Check out this stunnishing timelapse video directed by Hiroshi Kondo of the flow of motorbikes in the streets of Taiwan.

Fascinating video on the daily background maintenance and repair that is required to keep the city of Venice “working”. Check out the website of the project Venice Backstage as well.

In South-Africa there has been severe water shortages due to a long drought and bad water management. The following short video gives us a glimpse of the terrible consequences such as police cracking down prohibited water use, such as someone trying to earn some living washing cars.

The shortage has left residents fearing what’s been coined ‘Day Zero’: the moment when the city turns off the taps, and residents are forced to line up for water rations under the watchful eye of armed officials. And as this unsettling short documentary shows, the consequences of the crisis are already severe, with police cracking down on what’s considered unnecessary water use. The increasingly desperate situation has escalated tensions in a region already divided between haves and have-nots, frequently along racial lines

Bloomberg Newsweek made a nice three part video series on the Chinese city Shenzhen. In the series Ashlee Vance gives a balanced view of how this city has grown rapidly over the last 40 years, showing both postive and negative sides of this “futuristic metropolis”. The full three episodes are part of the “Hello World” series and you can watch them here.

This is enlightening talk from 1976 with philosophers Isaiah Berlin and Bryan Magee on fundamental questions such as “What is philosophy?”, “Why does it matter?”, and “Why should anybody be interested in it today?”.

Have a look at this video on Youtube from The Nerdwriter. A great video essay on how photographer Dorothea Lange made her photogrpah “Dorothea Lange”.

The following stop motion animation movie “In a Nutshell is absolutely mesmerising. It tries to capture the world in a nutshell: “From a seed to war, from meat to love, from indifference to apocalypse”.