Enacting the social

In a paper from 2002 John Law and John Urry1 introduce their view on the performativity of social research and how such a view can help produce different worlds. Their paper adds on the discussion of ontological politics by arguing how social science research methods often reproduce nineteenth-century nation-state based politics. According to the authors we need to reflect on alternative approaches for social science research and question which realities we want to “help make more real".

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The Diver & Maintenance of Infrastructure

In the following short movie titled “The Diver” by Esteban Arrangoiz we meet “a man who has found long lasting contentment in a dirty job: diving into the sewers and water treatment plants of Mexico City to clear blockages and reduce the risk of floods". A job we may not even consider to exist unless when things break down. When such a breakdown occurs we can then understand that this is vital job for the water treatment to be an invisible process.

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Via @BrunoLatourAIME: “A long piece in the NYT by Ava Kofman on BL’s complex relation with science: the title is strange but the piece is very detailed and fair.” Read the full piece.