A TED talk from Emma Marris, a writer who focuses on environmentalism, where she proposes us to redefine what is considered nature. I particularly enjoyed the section where she urges to rethink how we look at wild nature (“novel ecosystems”) in for example abandoned places cities. Watch the whole talk on the TED website.

How do you define “nature?” If we define it as that which is untouched by humans, then we won’t have any left, says environmental writer Emma Marris. She urges us to consider a new definition of nature – one that includes not only pristine wilderness but also the untended patches of plants growing in urban spaces – and encourages us to bring our children out to touch and tinker with it, so that one day they might love and protect it.

Exploring some videos on by forest ecologists on how trees communicate via Open Culture. The following is a short educational Ted-Ed video in which Camille Defrenne and Suzanne Simard explain how trees communicate through their complex root system and the symbiotic relationship with fungi.

For a longer video on the same topic there is also TED talk by Suzanne Simard on “How trees talk to each other”.

The photography project Wasteland” by Kadir van Lohuizen contains some very powerful images of large cities and how they manage their waste. I think that the waste managment and recycling process has been going on too much in the background, and the only way out is to reduce our trash. See also this article in the Financial Times on why the recycling system became more visible. In the word of Kadir: “If the world is not prepared to think about waste reduction and actually treat waste as a resource, next generations will drown in their own waste.

The following really well video from the German channel Kurzgesagt provides a very balanced view, using lots of sources, to answer if organic vegetables and fruits are really better. The overall recommendation that I can extract from their message would simple and seems quite logical: eat more fruits and veggies that are produced locally and in season.

Kids say the darndest things 🍃

@Europarl_EN takes historic stand against #singleuseplastic #pollution!”, but please resists the lobbyist now. Via @rethinkplasticalliance.

Via @1843magazine: the old supersonic Concord plane that could fly from Paris to New York in about 3.5 hours as a symbol for the Jet Set lifestyle and indifference to the environment. Read about it here.