Last Sunday I saw a great documentary in the “Tegenlicht” series from the Dutch VPRO television station. The title of this episode is “Mijn Bullshitbaan” and it gives an overview of the work of the anthropologist David Graeber on “bullshit jobs” through interview segments with him and examples from the experience of different people in the Netherlands. I could relate to quite a few things from my own professional career. Have a look at the full episode here.

What a wonderful short excerpt from BBC documentary about Venice from 1969. I learned something new as well about the creation of “ghettos” in Venice: “physically isolating a society of people [Jewish refugees] that it simultaneously despised and needed”. It also has some nice images of daily and more quiet life in Venice in winter that since then most likely has disappeared. Have a look at the BBC Archive footage on Twitter.

Facebook content moderators

The following short documentary shows how “automated checks” are used for verifying if content you post online follows the guidelines. Importantly it shows the humans behind these content moderations, and gives us a glimpse of how they are trained and work. This is very relevant now in Europe as well due to a new law, NetzDG, which came into effect since the start of this year in Germany to make internet companies accountable for posting ‘illegal content’ and which caused Facebook for example to set up more “deletion centers” in Germany.

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