“Hedgehog in the fog,” is a beautiful animation short from 1975 by Yuri Norstei. Based on a Russian folk tale about a hedgehog who is on her way to meet bear, but gets lost in the mist. Via Klara

The Museum of Modern Art published the following great video on why people used to be able to marvel at very first movies made. We may think they were of pretty bad quality because we’ve only seen bad reproductions. But the originals must have looked startlingly realistic. Via Aeon.

For the latest edition of How to See, we visited MoMA’s film archives in Hamlin, Pennsylvania to learn more about the incredible quality and clarity of this newly discovered nineteenth-century movie, and the efforts archivists make to preserve such irreplaceable snapshots of history. Curator Dave Kehr joins the discussion to help us look at the early film with the same awe-inspired, expanded view of the world of its first audiences.

A good example of invisible work - The History of Female [Movie] Editors.