International relations

The following video from Deutsche Welle recalls why the supply of semiconductors have become geopolitical.

So as the coronavirus crisis reshapes supply and demand, chip companies are scrambling. And if there’s an industry that can’t simply ramp up production in a hurry, or ask clients to do without their product for a while, or shift around parts of their manufacturing rapidly, it’s the chip industry.

Two new video’s I liked from Vox. Of course in their trademark style, but I gained interesting insights on some of the current events in the US:

I am currently watching the second part of the documentary series “In Europa”. This series focuses on news stories that did not gain so much attention, but could perhaps be seen as a sign of what was to come. With this in mind I find these news articles about China expelling American journalists as an example of such a news story of history in the making.

This move seems to signify a striking change in international relations. Read the full articles: