Cultural studies

Interesting quote from an article at The Economist about the changing role of taste-makers and how art and media is produced with the rise of algorithmic systems:

The diminishing role of industry taste­ makers is reflected in the sort of art now being produced. To make it onto comput­er ­generated playlists, songs must avoid getting skipped, so tracks increasingly open with a catchy “pre­chorus”. New re­ leases may have up to a dozen writers mak­ing sure that every section sparkles—a “ge­netically modified hit”, quips Mr Mulligan, who doubts that “awkward listens” like Ra­diohead would do as well today. “Bohemi­an Rhapsody” by Queen, which takes more than a minute to get going, would not be released, he suspects. Songs have become shorter, since artists are paid per stream. Labels are even making sure that the titles are Alexa­ friendly.