In The Hague church, preachers have been speaking day and night since the end of October in order to provide shelter for an Armenian family, as the government is not allowed to interrupt a Church service on the grounds of deportation. Read more here.

The European parliament group GUENGL raises concerns about the proposed interoperability proposal of EU commission and how it will link information collected for different purposes for the sake of migration control and crime prevention.

Amazing work on showing what labour, resources, etc. really go into artificial intelligence!: “An AI system as an anatomical map of human labor, data and planetary resource” Check it out!

Cool use of augmented reality, via @hanatanimura: “I’m so excited to announce #NotableWomen, an AR app that lets you see 100 historic American women where they’ve historically been left out: U.S. currency. Visit to learn more about the project and share a woman who inspires you with #NotableWomen ✊💙”.

In light of controversy of Palantir sponsoring the Amsterdam Privacy Conference: “Given the political, economic and societal implications of privacy today, the funding strategies of our conferences matter more than ever” Read the full statement here.

Relevant piece in light of new proposals for automatic filtering of copyrighted materials in the EU: Can Beethoven send takedown requests? A first-hand account of one German professor’s experience with overly broad upload filters.

This article caught my attention since I saw the nice documentary on their work as well, and seems they now struggle with Youtube suspending their account: “Women on Waves’ three YouTube suspensions this year show yet again that we can’t let internet companies police our speech”.