Have a look at this Medium blog post by Azadeh Akbari regarding Automated License Plate Recognition systems. The post discusses how these systems have become a commonplace form of surveillance that often goes unnoticed.

How do you see “banal surveillance” in your everyday life? Think about the streets in your neighbourhood. Are there speed cameras, CCTV, “smart lamp posts”, or other forms of surveillance that you’ve grown accustomed to ignoring? How could you determine what these cameras do, who installed them, and on what legal basis? Can you find out who owns the data and how and where it is processed? We promise you, find out, and you will be surprised.

For instance, I have not yet seen the cameras near the towers in Bologna, even though I am aware of their existence.

Wouter Van Rossem
Wouter Van Rossem

My research interests include distributed robotics, mobile computing and programmable matter.