About Me

Francis Bacon, 1954, Man In Blue VI

Hi! My name is Wouter (ʋʌutər) and I currently work on the European Research Council (ERC) funded project Processing Citizenship as a PhD student at the Science Technology, and Policy Studies (STəPS) department of the University of Twente in the Netherlands. In this project we investigate how data infrastructures for population processing co-produce citizens, Europe and territory.

Previously I have worked as a software engineer in different companies in Brussels, and recently at the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre in Ispra, Italy. A varied background of both theoretical and hands-on knowledge and interest in the interconnections between technology and society brought me now back to academia and the interdisciplinary Processing Citizenship project.

This website is a created with the statical site generator Hugo. I use the internet-weblog theme with some modifications of my own. Hosting is via Netlify, who provide an amazing plan to host a static site and have continuous deployment for free. I created this website to move away from surveillance capitalist platforms, and I therefore converted all my old Tweets to “microposts” using a little script I created. I won’t really be posting there anymore (also no automated cross-posting) so the easiest way to follow me is by subscribing ot the generated RSS feeds with a feed aggregator software (I myself use the open-source Vienna on macOS).

The favicon is generated from a vector art image of a CCTV camera that was created by Zapyon. You can rest assured that I explicitely did not add any Google analytics or any other types of tracking however. I am loading some Javascript libraries from content delivery networks though, so you may want to install the Decentraleyes plugin if you haven’t already.